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.AM Domain Transfer
You need to send the letter of authorization by fax or as attachment to e-mail message to us....
Views: 2405
Do I need to completely fill in the application form?
Yes, we need the requested information to decide on your application and to contact you when...
Views: 1753
Do you register all domain names applied for?
No. You can not currently apply for a country name under .am . The registration form checks for...
Views: 3124
How long takes .AM Domain Registration?
AM Domain registration takes 1-3 business days including domain approval. But usually it takes...
Views: 1955
How to modify contact information displayed in Whois?
Modifying Registrant details is not available via control panel, to modify you need to:Send the...
Views: 1944
I want to transfer my domain to Registrar.AM , what to do?
You can not do this through modification form from your old registrar. You need to send the...
Views: 1964
Is there any technical restriction(s) for chosen domain name?
Yes, there are restrictions. First, the full length of the domain name (including trailing .am)...
Views: 5013
What if I can not pay at due time?
If you do not pay renewal fees before the expiry date of your domain name its delegation will be...
Views: 2106
What if I do not want to publish my information in whois?
It is current AM NIC policy to publish contact information for AM domain name registrants so they...
Views: 1777
Who can apply for an .am domain name?
Anyone can apply for an .am domain name. It also does not matter how much domain names you...
Views: 2049

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