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Can i get more than 512 MB space?
Yes, you can.For this, you need to contact us and note why we shoud provide more space for your...
Views: 1320
Can i have multiple accounts ?
You can have as many accounts as you need. There is only some conditions; 1. Do not create...
Views: 1399
Do you place an advertisement at free hosting accounts?
No, we do not place any advertisement at your pages. If you want , you can place a note or a...
Views: 1352
What can i host with my free hosting service?
You can host almost everything, except any adult and warez content. Also we do not like spam....
Views: 1319
Why Free Linux Cpanel Hosting Costs 0.01 cent per month?
You may ask , Why free hosting costs 0.01 cent per month? Answer is simple. This is to prevent...
Views: 1425
Why is hosting Free for Armenian Non Profit Charitable Organizations Only ?
We started to provide free hosting in believe, that we can help Charitable Organizations to save...
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