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Whois ID Protection

Shield your Identity. Protect yourself from spammers and scammers.

Protect your personal information and reduce the amount of spam to your inbox by enabling ID Protection.

Make your domain registrations private.

When you register a domain name with Registrar.AM, the Whois of your domain name lists your personal information (such as Name, Company Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address) as Contact Details for that domain name. This information becomes available to anyone who performs a Whois lookup of your domain name.

Your personal information is therefore at risk from being manipulated by data miners, who can then target you via junk email, prank telephone calls, postal messages, fax messages, etc..

Using Registrar.AM's Privacy Protection service, you can immediately put a stop to such abuse.
When you enable this service for your domain name, we replace your Contact Details in the Whois information with our generic contact details, thus, masking your personal contact details.

You may either enable this service at the time of Registering/Transferring your domain name.
Or enable/disable this service anytime during the length of the domain name's registration, as per your requirement via ticket system.

Privacy Protection price is $9.99 per year per domain.


This feature is available for the following TLDs (extensions):
























All CentralNic Domains

























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